Our Story

Duffy's Delicious Candies, founded by Charles J. Duffy and his wife, Elizabeth, started in October of 1922. The first location was their small row home on 4th Street in Gloucester City. In those days, the candy was made in the basement and sold from their enclosed front porch, later expanding into their front room.

Charles Duffy passed away in 1949, leaving his only son, James, as the sole candy maker. James, and his wife, Genevieve, moved the business to its present day location on Broadway. The original structure, built in 1950, was a small, three room affair with a store front, stockroom and kitchen in the rear, built next to their late Victorian home.
Later, the store was expanded into what was once Genevieve's rose garden and became attached to their home. Business boomed and the chocolate kept flowing.
James Duffy retired in the late 1970s, and his youngest son, Robert, became the third generation candy maker.
He remained so until 2002, when James' granddaughter, Barbara Hall, acquired the business.
Today, Barbara, her daughter, Michelle Sieg and son-in-law Eric Sieg, continue in the tradition of creating exceptional confections from the finest ingredients available.
Our candy is still made on the premises in small batches & hand coated to ensure the quality of every piece.
While we don't know if Charles suspected that his business would continue into a fifth generation, nearly 100 years on, we are very sure that he'd be proud to know that the quality of his namesake creations has never been compromised.